Tips to Lose Belly Fat When You Have a Sitting Job

By | September 12, 2017
Lose Belly Fat While Sitting at a Desk

So, you’re sitting at your desk all day, pounding away at your computer, and you’ve realized with much alarm that you’re starting to look like a beached whale.

Firstly, don’t panic. Some people starve themselves once the hysteria levels go thru the roof, and okay, you’ll lose weight, but you’ll probably also end up comatose in bed. Not a good idea.

Take it gently, and figure out how you are going to get that weight off. So, don’t stop eating, please, just start eating the right things like whole-wheat bread, or if you can, cut out bread altogether, bring in salads with lots of carrots and celery sticks and some fruit, yogurt, and nuts.

Keep the fruit and nuts for when you’re feeling hungry during the day. This will give you much needed energy to keep up with the demands of your job. Stay away as far as you can from the vending machine.

A packet of crisps, chocolate, and two-day-old hotdogs, will see you firmly embedded on that beach!

Chair Exercises That Reduce Belly Fat

If you’re going out with colleagues, choose chicken and fish without the creamy sauces, and salad without cheese or mayo. Drink water. In fact, drink as much water as you can during the day. It’s excellent for getting the kidneys working and flushing out those evil toxins.

You must to take time off from your desk and your computer. Sure, you must meet deadlines, and you will, but take a quick walk around the office, and try using the stairway, up and down, for at least 10 minutes.

I’m sure you spent more time at the water cooler, so don’t make excuses. During your lunch break, take 15 minutes and go for a brisk walk around the block. If it’s raining or the weather is lousy, head back to the stairwell and spend that time there. Up and down, don’t frown!

Get up from your desk as often as you can during the day, even when talking on the phone, and walk around your desk. When you must use the bathroom, take a quick detour to the stairwell. It would be good to make the stairwell your best buddy!

Away from the office, plan to join a neighborhood gym and get as much aerobic exercise as you can. This is a great way for losing belly fat. You needn’t spend hours at the gym. People think the longer you spend, the better you’ll do. This is a huge myth. The trick is the intensity of your workout, not time spent!

Do aerobic classes and alternate with spinning, do some muscle-building activities like machine bench presses (take it easy!), resistance band use, stairs (again!), crunches – and don’t forget swimming! The best exercise of all.

Start off by going three times a week and do different workouts every time you go. When you start feeling much fitter, you can extend your time to 5 days a week. You need only go for an hour, but make your activities intense!

At weekends, get in as much cycling and jogging as you can and give gym a break. Lay off the beer and wine at home and substitute water. Yes, it’s boring, but it will get the whale off the beach, believe me!

Stress Management and Its Importance

By | July 3, 2017
Stress Management

Stress management is a vital move that you must make once you have recognized that you have been incarcerated by a stressful situation, irrespective of the cause.

Although it is argued that there are kinds of stress that facilitate a situation where you find an added gush of energy which can be used for something more industrious and positive; it is, in fact, harmful to your physical health.

Continued stress can explicitly harm your health, and it has been proven to worsen your physical condition faster than any disease.

What’s more, stress greatly reduces your aptitude, performance, and endurance, whether it is at home, at the educational front or workplace. Thus, stress is something that must not be simply written off.

Since it will, in the long run, not only affect you but the surrounding and the people involved in your personal, professional and social life.

Stress Management

Recognizing Your Stress Level

An essential first step towards stress management is not to ascertain the source but, in fact, to determine the intensity of your stress. It is often recommended for stressed people to maintain a log, a diary of sorts, recording, and in the process, monitoring the stress levels and their effects.

This is a useful way to thoroughly examine your stress levels, its cause, and finally to be able to find the ideal ways to relieve you of it.

Commencing with Stress Management

The knowledge of what causes the stress and their effects leads you, naturally, to the activities and methods of stress management. This helps you take charge of your life with regained confidence, instead of being preoccupied and distracted by stress and problems.

The following will explain how to get going with the stress management program:

Approach to Stress Management

One very important thing to note here is that it is unwise to think that following a stress-management plan will help you rid all your stress.

As a matter of fact, it is a gradual process in which your primary objective should be to lower your stress levels progressively until in due course you clear it out completely.

Some ideas to come up with your very own stress management plan:

  • Time management is crucial. Most of the stress is caused by our inability to find time for all the work that we think we can finish within an allotted span of time. The trick here is to create a plan, a schedule of all the work you have in mind in order of priority.
  • Determine your reaction to stress. If done honestly, this can help you find better coping mechanisms. If the present methods are ineffective, it is time for you to look elsewhere.
  • Take care of your health. People often, wrongly, believe that since stress is thought-induced and it has nothing to do with the physical condition.
  • Getting enough rest and eating right is as important as using other methods of stress management.
  • Change your point of view. Often, stress is created by the way you see certain situations. If this is the case with you, then it is time for you to take a new approach and trying to see things from a different perspective.

How To Motivate Your Employees At Work

By | July 3, 2017

For the success of any organization, motivation of employees is key. A motivated employee translates the same energy into their performance. This makes it possible for an organization to achieve its set goals and objectives.

But the question is, how can an employer motivate his employees at work?


Motivate Your Employees

Offer them rewards and recognition

Nothing boosts an employee’s self-esteem more than an act of recognition for work well done. We all want someone to recognize our efforts. Giving employees job titles and rewards like a salary increment plays a major role in motivation.

The rest of the team will also strive to better their performance with the hope of getting a reward in the future.

Provide job security

Job security gives your employees a financial security. It ensures that your employees feel secure about their future. They will work whole-heartedly because they are sure no one is firing them. This means better performance.

Pay them good wages

Salary is a key motivational factor. We all want money. An amount that is enough to pay all your bills. We are motivated to work knowing all our money issues are taken care of. An underpaid employee cannot be motivated.

They are either pre-occupied thinking of other ways to earn more money and pay the rest of their bills, or they are just losing interest.

Offer them advancement opportunities

These may include sponsorship to advance their career skills. It will benefit your organization since skilled employees deliver better results.

Your employees will also return the favor and gratitude by giving you the best in terms of accomplishment of duties.

Let your employees lead

This is practical during staff meetings and discussions. You can let one of the employees be the lead of the discussion. This not only leaves your employees feeling recognized, it also ensures that you get a variety of ideas form them.

This aids in decision making.

Make work-life balance a priority

This means giving your workers to take time off work from time to time. This time they can spend with their loved ones. An employer can also plan trips for all the staff. This is the time for team building.

It helps you to bond with your employees and understand them even more. This contributes to the overall happiness of your employees, and yourself too.

The end result is a motivated group of workers.

Be transparent

Transparency means you let everyone know what is happening. That is, any decision the company is making and how it will affect them. This gives them an opportunity to give their opinions.

It makes your employees feel included which makes them love their work more.

Set weekly goals

Sometimes, getting to the bigger picture requires you to achieve the smaller goals first. Setting weekly goals ensures your goals look possible and realistic.

It motivates employees to feel that whatever they are doing is achievable.

Let your employees know you trust them

No employee would want to break the trust of their boss. This motivates them to give their work the best because they do not want to let you down.


If you are an employer and want to motivate your employees, the above tips are for you. Put them in place and see the difference!

Essential Office Stationery for Your Workplace

By | July 3, 2017
Essential Office Stationary for Your Workplace

Businesses tend to go through a lot of paperwork in a very short amount of time on a daily basis. That is why it is important to ensure that all essential office stationery are always in supply, keeping you and your office always on top of things.

We tend to think of essential office stationery as consisting of only paper, pens, pencils, and perhaps the occasional stapler or paper clip. Truth be told, there is much more to it than that.

Having the right kind of stationery will speed up your work and also increase efficiency to a great extent.

Essential Office Stationary for Your Workplace

So next time you go stationery shopping, keep these items in mind:

Sticky Notes

Any office can never have enough sticky notes. Need to remind yourself or your colleagues of something? Need to keep a record of upcoming meetings, or even mark out important documents without having to use a pen or pencil?

Look no further than your friendly sticky notes, available in a variety of colors to help you keep track of all your important activities, dates, and documents.

Hole Punch

A hole punch is the answer to all your paper binding needs. You may have lots of binders lying around, but having to poke holes through paper with a blunt instrument can be frustrating as well as make the end result look very unprofessional.

Ensure that your office always has a hole punch handy at all times.

Label Maker

Label makers are often the most overlooked, yet one of the most essential office stationery that every professional requires. They will help you make custom labels for everything under the sun, ensuring that nothing in your office is ever misplaced or overlooked.


For documents that require marking out or color coding, a highlighter is your best friend. Always ensure that you have a large stock of highlighters in different colors available in every office cubicle.

Correction Fluid

Having correction fluid handy at all times will enable you to save a lot of time on printing and reprinting/writing documents and contracts for your work. Scratching out words looks very unprofessional and a correction fluid will help you combat this problem big time.

Office Stationary

Folder Dividers/Indexes

How many times have you had to look through drawer upon drawer of folders just to find the one you were looking for? Investing in folder dividers helps you eliminate this time consuming problem and lets you focus on your work more.

Especially if you alphabetize them, these dividers will become absolutely essential office stationery for your workplace.

Adhesive Tape and Glue

Always ensure that your office has enough supply of adhesives – inclusive of liquid glue, glue sticks, tape, and double-sided tape. Nothing is perhaps more essential office stationery than adhesives of all kinds – while paper clips are great, they are not as versatile as glue and tape.

Penknives/Utility Knives/Scissors

While you may very often need to attach things together in the office, you will also need to cut things. A penknife or a pair of scissors, or even a utility knife can come in very handy for these needs.

How to Restore, Renew and Rejuvenate Yourself

By | July 10, 2017
Rejuvenate Yourself

Being tired is a normal thing especially if you have a busy job. However, being always tired is something you should look into more.

Your body and mind are probably shouting silently at you and giving you signal that you need rejuvenation.

These days premature aging is quite prevalent. The main reason for this occurrence is the exceptional levels of anxiety and tension we face every day.

There are some premature symptoms like dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness below eyes, and premature grey hair that are associated with lack of rejuvenation.

Here are tips on How to Restore; renew and rejuvenate yourself

Take a short walk.

Walk RegularlyWalking can clear your mind and is good for your body and soul. You can walk while listening to music, an audiobook, an inspirational podcast, or just your own thoughts.

A walk in a new place can give your perspective beyond what you’ve seen driving in your car.

I notice so many more details when walking, like beautiful landscaping, gorgeous flower beds or details on houses in my neighborhood that I’ve never noticed before.

Walking is a great way to slow down the pace of life, see the same old place in a new way, or just get in touch with your inner self.

Get outdoors.

Another activity that is good for both your body and soul is to simply go outside your home or office and breathe in some fresh air. Feel the breeze on your face and soak in some sunshine.

Get Outdoor

Simply enjoy the day and marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature. Or do another inspirational activity while you’re outside, such as writing, journalizing, stretching, yoga, reading a book or magazine, or meditating.

Just enjoying being outside in the fresh air for 20 minutes can really shift your perspective.

Practice gratitude.

Focusing on gratitude wakes you up to the precious, small pleasures in life, like the flowers that are blooming or someone’s simple kind gesture. There are several ways to practice gratitude.

You can write in a journal a few things that you are grateful for and why, write a thank you card to someone, or plan a fun gift or activity for yourself or a loved one to show your gratitude.

Practice Gratitude

You can even practice a random act of kindness to a stranger to foster feelings of gratitude within yourself.

To learn more about gratitude journaling and the benefits of practicing gratitude, I recommend that you check out Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance.


Studies have shown that writing just 20 minutes a day for four consecutive days can provide positive health benefits for up to six weeks. You can learn more about this technique by reading Louise DeSalvo’s book, Writing as a Way of Healing.

WriteIn her book, she explains the process that should be followed to experience health benefits which have three components: you should write about

  • A traumatic or challenging event in your life
  • The feelings you had at that time, and
  • The feelings you have now about that experience.

All three components should be included in your writing to get the maximum benefit.

Another thing I like to do is to write in different places, such as outside or at a coffeehouse, to see what inspiration comes from being in a new environment.


Read inspirational stories, fiction, non-fiction, or anything else that interests you. Rejuvenate your soul, expand your perspective and relax all at the same time by reading.

I often carry a book or magazine with me so I have it available if I have some unexpected time or find myself waiting in line for a doctors appointment etc.

Be creative.

The act of creation reveals your soul’s innermost desires. Ideas and talents that are uniquely yours will be realized when you create.

Whether your passion lies in music, art, writing, redecorating a room in your home, starting a new business, or any other artistic pursuit, you will experience inspiration and can share your unique creations with others if you desire.

Or be creative just for yourself by writing personal affirmations to review often for your ongoing inspiration and personal growth.

Yoga and Exercise:

Yoga offers in detoxification, some assistance with toning yourself, and enhance your flow levels, accordingly guaranteeing that you look more youthful. Pranayam, the different sorts, help in purifying you inside while permitting better retention of oxygen.

This, then again, empowers better ingestion of fundamental supplements and enhanced levels of dissemination. The outcome will be more youthful and glow you.

Massage Therapies:

massage therapy is an approach to guarantee that your body is free of toxins. Massage therapies likewise help in enhancing the suppleness and versatility of the skin, guaranteeing that untimely aging is averted.

Choose massage treatments, for example, Abhyanga, and Shirodhara once in a month. You can even attempt treatments, for example, Soundaryavardhini to make your skin glowing.

The Diet Factor:

Appreciate a healthy eating regimen that is superbly adjusted. Here are few tips that would come helpful:

  • Check indulging pan-fried delicacies, caffeine, spicy food, liquor, and cold beverages. Eliminate the admission of circulated air through beverages.
  • Burden up with antioxidants and fibers.
  • Let your plate be energetically filled, with more space possessed by foods grown from the ground veggies.
  • Ensure you have all the six tastes [pungent, astringent, sweet, bitter, salt, and sour] incorporated into your eating regimen.

A percentage of the nuts and fruits that you can incorporate into your eating routine to look more youthful include: Oranges, Banana, Strawberries, Apples, Dates, Watermelons, Pomegranate, Almonds, Papaya, and Walnuts.

Alongside this, experience a detoxification process at home once per month to dispense with all toxins and scrub up. You can go on a complete liquid diet for three days and gradually continue your healthy diet.


You should get up to speed with 7 hours of rest to guarantee that your body and also brain is totally casual. A good sound sleep is fundamental for your body to rejuvenate, revive, and regain its energy.

Rejuvenate Yourself