By | July 3, 2017

For the success of any organization, motivation of employees is key. A motivated employee translates the same energy into their performance. This makes it possible for an organization to achieve its set goals and objectives.

But the question is, how can an employer motivate his employees at work?


Motivate Your Employees

Offer them rewards and recognition

Nothing boosts an employee’s self-esteem more than an act of recognition for work well done. We all want someone to recognize our efforts. Giving employees job titles and rewards like a salary increment plays a major role in motivation.

The rest of the team will also strive to better their performance with the hope of getting a reward in the future.

Provide job security

Job security gives your employees a financial security. It ensures that your employees feel secure about their future. They will work whole-heartedly because they are sure no one is firing them. This means better performance.

Pay them good wages

Salary is a key motivational factor. We all want money. An amount that is enough to pay all your bills. We are motivated to work knowing all our money issues are taken care of. An underpaid employee cannot be motivated.

They are either pre-occupied thinking of other ways to earn more money and pay the rest of their bills, or they are just losing interest.

Offer them advancement opportunities

These may include sponsorship to advance their career skills. It will benefit your organization since skilled employees deliver better results.

Your employees will also return the favor and gratitude by giving you the best in terms of accomplishment of duties.

Let your employees lead

This is practical during staff meetings and discussions. You can let one of the employees be the lead of the discussion. This not only leaves your employees feeling recognized, it also ensures that you get a variety of ideas form them.

This aids in decision making.

Make work-life balance a priority

This means giving your workers to take time off work from time to time. This time they can spend with their loved ones. An employer can also plan trips for all the staff. This is the time for team building.

It helps you to bond with your employees and understand them even more. This contributes to the overall happiness of your employees, and yourself too.

The end result is a motivated group of workers.

Be transparent

Transparency means you let everyone know what is happening. That is, any decision the company is making and how it will affect them. This gives them an opportunity to give their opinions.

It makes your employees feel included which makes them love their work more.

Set weekly goals

Sometimes, getting to the bigger picture requires you to achieve the smaller goals first. Setting weekly goals ensures your goals look possible and realistic.

It motivates employees to feel that whatever they are doing is achievable.

Let your employees know you trust them

No employee would want to break the trust of their boss. This motivates them to give their work the best because they do not want to let you down.


If you are an employer and want to motivate your employees, the above tips are for you. Put them in place and see the difference!

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